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What is a MYIT Master Tutor?

The quality of the person who is a MyIT Master Tutor is of ultimate importance, and this is why we are so very careful about extensive checking before we issue a Quality Assurance Certificate to your Master Tutor.

Your Master Tutor is expert in learning and expert in learning strategies: they have a capacity to engage you through the use of benign motivational strategies to enable exceptional progress in learning.

The persona of your Master Tutor is genuine, warm, engaging and affirming of achievement.

Your Master Tutor possesses a very high level of expertise in offering EdTech resource material which reflects awareness of Cognitive Load Theory.


Your Master Tutor also displays culturally significant skills in, for example, music, art, science or literature.

Of course we aim high.

Our objective as a group is to ensure that in aiming high your Master Tutor brings the highest possible level of benefit to you.

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